Charge2Go Portable Cell Phone Charger

Charge2Go Portable
 Cell Phone Charger
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  • Designed for use with one primary or
    rechargeable cell.
  • Designed for use with mobile electronics
    powered by a single Lithium cell.
  • Charging current: 380mA maximum
    (varies with usage conditions).
  • Adds up to 240mAh to devices battery per AA battery.
  • Enables immediate usage of device, even if battery is fully depleted.
  • 1umA discharge current from alkaline battery when charging is deactivated.
  • Typical efficiency 87%.
  • Compact size.
  • Automatic startup when current drawn at output (upon connection to device).
  • Automatic shutdown when no current drawn at output (10 second delay).
  • Automatic shutdown when primary battery is depleted.
  • Open-circuit output voltage 5.7V.
  • Indicator LED (flashes when charging).



The Charge 2 Go™ series was designed to act as a charger from one primary or secondary cell to a portable device powered by a single-cell lithium battery. It was designed to work optimally with mobile phones and PDA’s.

The Charge 2 Go™ charger is the first truly wireless battery charger for mobile electronics. It is ideal for use as a travel charger, thus eliminating the need to carry to bulky device charger. It is also suitable for areas where AC power is not easily available.

The Charge 2 Go™ was developed using a proprietary IC as the main up-converter / charger. This charger was designed to maximize charging current and efficiency in order to deliver maximum charge to the battery. It starts up automatically when a device drawing current is connected at the output, enabling the immediate operation of the device even if the battery is fully depleted.


Block Diagram



Absolute Maximum Ratings

Maximum primary battery voltage
(VALK+ - VALK-)........................................3.2 V
Maximum output voltage
(VOUT+ - VOUT-)......................................................6 V




Operating Procedure

Primary Battery
The Charge 2 Go™ is intended for use with one standard 1.5 V AA primary or secondary cell. It can, however, be used with any 1.5 V primary battery of any standard size. Higher quality or premium batteries are recommended, as their lower internal resistance increases performance of the circuit. In order to optimize charging, the circuit decreases the charging current when the AA cell voltage falls below 1.1 V, and stops charging altogether when it falls below 0.6 V.

The Charge 2 Go™ was intended for use with cellular telephones and other similar devices that are powered by a one-cell lithium battery of any capacity.
Since each device model has different charging characteristics, it is possible that the circuit will function differently with some models. Such situations can be rectified by slight changes to the circuit.

Comparison to Existing Chargers
The following table shows how the Charge 2 Go™ external charger’s properties compare with those of Nokia’s standard wall chargers.


Typical Performance Characteristics

Charge 2 Go™ Chargers Powered by Duracell® Battery


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