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Charge 2 Go, Inc. Wins Popular Science
BEST OF WHAT’S NEW (BOWN) Award For 2005

11-07-2005 -- Popular Science


Charge 2 Go™, the single AA battery, portable cell phone charger has won new acclaim as one of the most popular innovations of 2005. Charge 2 Go™ is one of the Hundred “Best of What’s New” for 2005, awarded by Popular Science. “Best of What’s New is the ultimate Popular Science accolade, representing a year’s worth of work evaluating thousands of products,” says Mark Jannot, editor of Popular Science, the world’s largest science and technology magazine with 6.5 million monthly readers.


Charge 2 Go™ is the reusable, mobile, upgradeable cellular phone charger utilizing only one AA battery, either alkaline, lithium or rechargeable. AA batteries can be found anywhere in the world, from Boston to Bali to Bahrain. The innovation of Charge 2 Go™ is both in the form factor and in power of the technology. Slightly larger than a single AA battery, the full Charge 2 Go™ unit is about the size of a lipstick applicator. The advanced patented technology optimizes the efficient transfer of energy from the single AA battery to charge the battery for up to 3 hours of talk-time. Charge 2 Go™ units also won the prestigious Best of Innovations 2005 from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and have been featured in many newspapers, magazines and TV stations around the world.


Charge 2 Go™ units work with most cellular phones in the world, with models available for most Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones and some Siemens, LG and Kyocera models. Units are also currently compatible with Bluetooth Headsets and iPod Shuffle MP3 Players (iPod Nano connectors will be coming soon). More hardware compatibility is planned for the current units. Charge 2 Go™ units retail at an MSRP of $25 and come in four colors (red, silver, black, blue) with various adapter groupings. Charge 2 Go™ allows technology savvy consumers to “Keep a Socket in Your Pocket! ™”


Future developments will include solutions for popular higher power-consuming devices such as Palm Treos, a full range of hard-disk based MP3 players such as Apple iPods, Smartphones and USB-powered devices.


For more information: or or 732-886-1249.


Charge 2 Go™ Chargers Powered by Duracell® Battery


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