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A Portable Rescue for Cellphones That Give Out
at the Wrong Time

01-13-2005 -- New York Times


Perhaps you have experienced that sinking feeling when your cellphone battery runs out of juice midchat. Suddenly you are cast into a time warp, wondering if pay phones still take quarters.

A $20 device called Charge 2 Go has come to the rescue. The device uses one AA battery to provide up to two hours of talk time.

About the size of a lipstick, the Charge 2 Go has an aluminum case in blue, red, silver and black. When ordering the device at the company's Web site (, you can choose a color as well as a connector compatible with your phone.

Charge 2 Go offers connectors for phones by Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens and Sony- Ericsson.

Pop in a AA battery and connect the device to your phone. A red light-emitting diode flashes, indicating that it is charging. A chip inside the Charge 2 Go converts a 1.5-volt alkaline battery into a 3.7-volt, 380-milliampere current for your phone.

Because Charge 2 Go relies on AA batteries, which are available worldwide, the company expects its device to fare well against competing emergency cellphone chargers.

Charge 2 Go's plans do not end with cellphones. Benjamin Ovadia, its vice president for business development, says the company plans to offer AA-powered chargers for iPods, PalmOne hand-held devices and other mobile gadgets. Neil McManus


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