Charge2Go Portable Cell Phone Charger

Charge2Go Portable
 Cell Phone Charger
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Comes With:

8  - Attachments
1  - Battery

1  - Charger (Pick Color)


Flash Light Attachment


A Popular Science Best of What’s New (BOWN) Award
in the Gadgets category

Charge 2 Go™ is the recipient of the following AWARDS from the Consumer Electronics Show
Best of Innovations 2005
Innovations Honoree 2005

Other Media Recognition:

Charge 2 Go, Inc. Wins Popular Science
BEST OF WHAT’S NEW (BOWN) Award For 2005

11-07-2005 - Popular Science

A Portable Rescue for Cellphones That Give Out
at the Wrong Time

01-13-2005 - New York Times

Gears and Gadgets

Newsweeks New Products
12-15-2005 - Newsweek Magazine

Charge 2 Go - Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Best of Innovations 2005

11-15-2004 - PR NEWSWIRE NEW YORK 800-776-8090

Charge 2 Go™ - Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Best of Innovations 2005


Charge 2 Go™ Launches Mobile, Reusable AA Cell Phone Chargers

Charge 2 Go™ Launches Website



Charge 2 Go™ Chargers Powered by Duracell® Battery


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