Charge2Go Portable Cell Phone Charger

Charge2Go Portable
 Cell Phone Charger
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Charge 2 Go™ Launches Mobile, Reusable AA Cell Phone Chargers


Charge 2 Go™, a cutting-edge provider of mobile power, has introduced a product line of mobile and reusable AA cellular phone chargers. The Charge 2 Go™ units use one AA battery and offer up to three hours of talk time on a dead cell phone battery. The Charge 2 Go™ IC chip maximizes battery efficiency up to 87% and converts a 1.5V alkaline battery into a safe 3.7V, 380 mA current for charging.

The problem of dying cell phone batteries has been addressed in the past with cumbersome and inefficient solutions. Even disposable units and units using three or four batteries have offered less than one hour of talk time. For a fraction of the battery power, Charge 2 Go™ is able to offer exponentially more talk and charge time. A rechargeable battery may also be used for maximum savings and a higher quality battery increases performance, due to lower internal resistance.

The Charge 2 Go™ units measure 2 7/8" in height with a 5/6" circular base and are optimized for GSM model phones. Charge 2 Go™ is available in four metallic colors: silver, red, blue and black. Plastic units will be available shortly. CDMA unit prototypes are in the testing stage and will be in production in the coming months. Other designs for power mobile in electronics are also in development.



Charge 2 Go™ Chargers Powered by Duracell® Battery


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