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Charge 2 Go - Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Best of Innovations 2005

11-15-2004 -- PR NEWSWIRE NEW YORK 800-776-8090


Charge 2 Go - Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Best of Innovations 2005
LAKEWOOD, N.J., Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ --

The Charge 2 Go™ award-winning flagship product is the reusable, AA battery cell phone charger that gives up to three hours of talk time. The unit uses a single AA alkaline, lithium or rechargeable (NiCad) battery. AA batteries can be found anywhere in any part of the world -- from Boston to Bali to Bahrain. Similar solutions for other consumer electronic products are under development.

The problem of dying cell phone batteries has been addressed in the past with cumbersome and inefficient solutions. Disposable chargers and units using three or four batteries have offered less than one hour of talk time. For a fraction of the battery power, Charge 2 Go™ is able to offer far more talk and charge time, utilizing 87% battery efficiency. A rechargeable battery may also be used for maximum savings and a higher quality battery increases performance.

Charge 2 Go™ launched its website in August 2004 and offers web purchase. Charge 2 Go™ exhibited at the "Advancements in Battery charging, Monitoring and Testing 2004" Symposium in Denver, CO and the "Portable Power Conference and Expo 2004" in San Francisco, CA. The company was featured in the November/December 2004 issue of Battery Power Products and Technology under the headline "Charge 2 Go™ Launches Mobile, Reusable AA Cell Phone Chargers". Charge 2 Go™ received two high honors in Portable Power from the Consumer Electronics Show's Innovations: Best of Innovations 2005 and Innovations Honoree 2005.

As consumer electronics have increased their features and functions, battery life has not kept up with power requirements. When battery life runs out, business and personal contacts are cut off. Charge 2 Go™ gives you the solution: Don't be powerless in a wireless world!

Charge 2 Go™ is manufactured by NetBit Electronics, the primary vendor of power supplies and chargers for PalmOne [PLMO] and other OEMs. NetBit Electronics develops, produces and markets state-of-the-art battery chargers and power supplies for OEMs.

Charge 2 Go™ is currently in contact with major battery companies,
accessory distributors and retail chains. Charge 2 Go™'s flagship product retails for $20-$25, available in metallic blue, red, silver and black. Plastic units will be available shortly. Future Charge 2 Go™ ventures will include battery solutions for laptops, PDAs, MP3 players and headsets.

2262 11/15/2004 05:20 EST
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